Forthcoming shows

Last of The Red Hot Lovers - 13 November to 18 November

(performances 7.30pm - 18 November 2.30pm matinee and 7.30pm)

By Neil Simon, Directed by Martin Waddington

(A TOADS season production)


Barney Cashman is a middle aged man who wants to join the sexual revolution before it’s too late, but has no experience in seduction or adultery. Three very different women come into his life, all of whom he tries to seduce, with hilarious results.

Music Hall and Memories - 19 November

(performance 7.30pm)

Presented by The Old Bull & Bush Company Artistes


The popular South West Company return with a new programme of musical favourites and very old jokes to delight you all.

(In aid of Little Theatre funds - with a bucket collection for Rowcroft Hospice.)

Little Women - 11 December to 16 December

(performances 7.30pm - 16 December 2.30pm matinee and 7.30pm)

By Peter Clapham, adapted from the novel by Louisa May Alcott, Directed by Jill Farrant

(A TOADS season production)


This timeless classic tells the story of the March sisters’ journey from childhood to maturity. Together the March family learns to endure both good times and bad as they share the joys and pains of growing up.

A Celebration of Christmas in Words & Music - 18 December

(performance 7.30pm)

By Words 4 Voices

(Ruth Bettesworth, Richard Clark, Sarah Scoble, Leon Winston with musicians)


An entertaining evening of delightful words and music including some of the well loved poems, readings and carols capturing the moods, feelings and true spirit of the festive season.

The Perfect Murder - 15 January - 20 January

(performances 7.30pm - 20 January 2.30pm matinee and 7.30pm)

By Peter James, Directed by Jill Pettigrew

(A TOADS season production)


Victor Smiley and his wife Joan have been married for nearly 20 years. Victor secretly loathes Joan but is distracted by his regular visits to his favourite prostitute Kamila. Joan is bored by Victor and his constant snoring drives her mad. Victor decides there is only one way to get Joan out of his life forever, but he’s about to get a nasty surprise; he’s not the only one with murder on his mind.

Coward at Sea - 21 January

(performance 7.30pm)

Presented by Michael Lunts, by permission of the estate of Noel Coward


"Coward at Sea" is a nautical musical comedy featuring, for the fi rst time on stage, Noël Coward’s "P&O 1930". This is a rare opportunity to sample another side of The Master’s lyrical genius, his light verse and in particular this wonderful “drama in verse”, set alongside music from the period by Coward and his contemporaries.

Around the World in 80 Days - 21 February to 24 February

(performances 7.30pm)

By Laura Eason, based on the novel by Jules Verne

(A Tadpoles' youth group production)


Phileas Fogg is a rich British gentleman living in solitude. Despite his wealth he lives frugally with little social life except his membership to The Reform Club. One day at the club, Fogg accepts a wager for £20,000 from his fellow club members, to travel the world in 80 days accompanied by his valet Passepartout.

Sleuth - 19 March to 24 March

(performances 7.30pm - 24 March 2.30pm matinee and 7.30pm)

By Anthony Shaffer, Directed by Anna Reynolds

(A TOADS season production)


Andrew Wyke is a mystery writer whose house reflects his obsession with game playing. He lures his wife’s lover, Milo Trindle, to the house and convinces him to stage a robbery of his wife’s jewellery. A proposal that sets off a chain of events where it’s not clear where Wyke’s imagination ends and reality begins.

Steel Magnolias - 16 April to 21 April

(performances 7.30pm - 21 April 2.30pm matinee and 7.30pm)

By Robert Harling, Directed by Helen Gould

(A TOADS season production)


Set in a beauty parlour in Louisianna, 6 ladies face life’s toughest challenges: the gamut of friendship, marriage, birth and death. They engage in small town gossip but we see a deep strength of emotion when one of the group faces a trauma that affects them all.

Tons of Money - 14 May to 19 May

(performances 7.30pm - 19 May 2.30pm matinee and 7.30pm)

Revised by Alan Ayckbourn, originally by Will Evans & Arthur Valentine, Directed by Andrew Bell

(A TOADS season production)


An unsuccessful inventor has inherited the life interest in a fortune which reverts to his cousin George Maitland on his death. Unfortunately the inventor has accrued enormous debts and, as cousin George is thought to have died abroad, the inventor has the idea of ‘dying’ so he can resurrect himself as his cousin thus avoiding paying his debts. Inevitably complications arise!

Rough Justice - 11 June to 16 June

(performances 7.30pm - 16 June 2.30pm matinee and 7.30pm)

By Terence Frisby, Directed by Stephanie Austin

(A TOADS season production)


James Highwood, host of a popular TV programme called ‘British Justice’, is on trial accused of murdering his mentally disabled child. Highwood refuses legal representation and conducts his own defence, admitting responsibility but pleading manslaughter. The question is: did Highland actually kill his child after all?