Forthcoming shows

A Murder is Announced - 5 September to 17 September

(performances 7.30pm - 17 September 2.30pm matinee & 7.30pm)

By Agatha Christie

Directed by Alec Stokes

(A TOADS season production)


An announcement in the local newspaper states the time and place when a murder is to occur in Miss Blacklock’s Victorian house. The victim is not one of the house’s several occupants, but an unexpected and unknown visitor. What follows is a classic Christie puzzle of mixed motives, concealed identities, a second death, a determined Inspector grimly following the twists and turns, and Miss Marple on hand to provide the fi nal solution at some risk to herself in a dramatic confrontation just before the fi nal curtain.

Move Over Mrs Markham - 10 October to 15 October

(performances 7.30pm - 15 October 2.30pm matinee & 7.30pm)

By Ray Cooney

Directed by Alan Tanner

(A TOADS season production)


Farcical situations where three people borrow a friend’s flat all unbeknown to the other resulting in three couples converging on the apartment expecting to find it empty; chaos and confusion ensue.

AJ's Big Band & Vocalist - 16 October

(performance 7.30pm - tickets £15.50/£14.50)


The highly acclaimed 17 piece, now into its 33rd year, makes a welcome return to the Little Theatre, Torquay, with another exciting programme of feel-good classics which takes a nostalgic musical journey back to the golden age of swing. With a special tribute to the fabulous Ella Fitzgerald from the band’s stunning vocalist Paula Mitchell, this is an unmissable show. As usual the band is led by saxophonist Ken Parr and features some of the leading musicians in the West Country.

“Brilliant music making” Somerset Gazette

Macbeth - 7 November to 12 November

(performances 7.30pm - 12 November 2.30pm matinee & 7.30pm)

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Maggie Campbell

(A TOADS season production)


This production celebrates the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. It is a new adaption of his classic tale of treachery, murder and witchcraft and is presented in collaboration with South Devon College Performance and Production students.

Young People's Shakespeare Project - 20 November

(performance 7.30pm - tickets £5)

Organised by Maggie Campbell


Members of local youth theatre groups present their own versions of the work of the Bard. Original, imaginative and entertaining.

A Christmas Carol - 12 December to 17 December

(performances 7.30pm - 17 December 2.30pm matinee & 7.30pm)

By Charles Dickens, adapted by Neil Duffield

Directed by Helen Gould

(A TOADS season production)


A well known play that centres around Ebenezer Scrooge and his clerk Bob Cratchit. Scrooge refuses to spend any money and receives a visit from the ghost of his ex partner Jacob Marley who chastises him for being, well, such a scrooge! There follows visitations of other ghosts all serving to show Scrooge the error of his ways. A happy ending!

Words 4 Voices - 19 December

(performance 7.30pm - tickets £11/£10)

Ruth Bettesworth, Richard Clark, Sarah Scoble, Leon Winston + musicians


A Celebration of Christmas in Words & Music - An entertaining evening of delightful words and music including some of the well loved poems, readings and carols capturing the moods, feelings and true spirit of the festive season.

Will You Still Love Me in the Morning - 16 January to 21 January

(performances 7.30pm - 21 January 2.30pm matinee & 7.30pm)

By Brian Clemens and Dennis Spooner

Directed by Jessica Hunter

(A TOADS season production)


Jeremy and Celia return a week early from their unsuccessful honeymoon to find that both Jeremy’s partners have accepted his offer to stay in his house while he is away. As if there aren’t enough problems, Sid the plumber is up to his eyes in water in the cellar…

Flanders and Swann Revisited - 22 January

(performance 7.30pm - tickets £11/£10)


A musical entertainment featuring the songs of Flanders and Swann and the poetic wit of Sir John Betjeman. Indulge in a little nostalgia for a by-gone world and the more gentle humour exemplified by these arch-observers of the national character. Performed from the piano (and everywhere else!) by actor, singer and pianist Michael Lunts.

Peter Baffles & Cadenza - 4 February

(performance 7.30pm - tickets £10/£9)


Peter Baffles - magician & illusionist

Cadenza - musical duo

“Peter Baffles genuinely amazed with his well-crafted magical skills. Great tricks were backed by good lively banter.”
“This is Baffles at his best - the droll delivery an engaging foil for some very sophisticated magic.”
Cadenza (or Pete & Nina) are an acoustic-style duo with a vast repertoire incorporating classic and contemporary songs. Their philosophy of musical dynamics ranges from light background music, performance numbers and the good old sing along, combined with generous helpings of fun and enthusiasm.You will be amazed how versatile the ‘unplugged’ approach can be.

The Witches - 22 February to 25 February

(performances 7.30pm - no matinee)

By Roald Dahl

Directed by Carolyn Bavister

(A Tadpoles youth production)

The witches hate children! In fact they even go so far as to try to kill them. The witches are disguised so it’s difficult to distinguish them from ordinary people. The story includes a Grandma and the narrator who find themselves in the middle of the annual meeting of witches.

Hay Fever - 20 March to 25 March

(performances 7.30pm - 25 March 2.30pm matinee & 7.30pm)

By Noel Coward

Directed by Jill Farrant

(A TOADS season production)


Set in 1925, the Bliss family is ultra Bohemian. One weekend each family member has invited a guest for the weekend which doesn’t go down well! After an uncomfortable dinner, they play a word game that only the family members understand which results in the terrifi ed guests leaving the next morning!

Death in High Heels - 24 April to 29 April

(performances 7.30pm - 29 April 2.30pm matinee & 7.30pm)

By Richard Harris

Directed by Cora Gant

(A TOADS season production)


A thriller set in 1930s London. Behind the glamour and gossip of a small Regent Street couture fashion house, secrets and lies are rife, and when a murder happens this fuels more gossip and lies!

Flat Spin - 22 May to 27 May

(performances 7.30pm - 27 May 2.30pm matinee & 7.30pm)

By Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Jill Pettigrew

(A TOADS season production)


A night of romance in her luxurious riverside apartment with the good-looking stranger from next door. How can Joanna possibly go wrong? Except the flat isn’t hers, her name isn’t Joanna and heaven knows what the good-looking stranger is really after. Instead of romance comes considerable danger… Joanna’s only option is to play her part to the end.

Pygmalion - 19 June to 24 June

(performances 7.30pm - 24 June 2.30pm matinee & 7.30pm)

By George Bernard Shaw

Directed by Anna Reynolds

(A TOADS season production)


Set in the early 20th century it’s the play upon which the musical ‘My Fair Lady’ was written. Professor Higgins is an expert in phonetics and he undertakes to transform Eliza - a cockney flower girl from Covent Garden - into speaking like a duchess in 3 months.