Forthcoming shows

Role Play - 9 May to 14 May

By Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Glynis Tame

(A TOADS season production)


(NEW for this season - 2.30pm matinee and 7.30pm evening performances on the Saturday)


Justin and Julie-Ann, hopelessly mismatched in love, are about to introduce their respective parents to each other over dinner - Justin's upper-crust alcoholic mother from Surrey and Julie-Ann's bigoted Yorkshire father and prim mother. Into this doomed scenario drops, literally, via the balcony upstairs and the river, Paige Petite, a former lap-dancer with suicidal tendencies and her thick, gun-toting minder who is employed by her violent boyfriend ...

Separate Tables - 6 June to 11 June

By Terence Rattigan

Directed by Anna Reynolds

(A TOADS season production)


(NEW for this season - 2.30pm matinee and 7.30pm evening performances on the Saturday)


In Table by the Window, a down-at-the-heels journalist is confronted by his ex-wife, a former model who provoked him to the violent act that sent him to prison, destroying his future. Still in love, they nevertheless go through another terrible scene and it is the hotel manager, Miss Cooper, who helps repair their broken lives. In Table Number Seven, a 'self-made' army colonel without any true background and education to which he lays claim, finds solace with a spinster over the objections of her ruthless, domineering mother. When a sordid scandal threatens to drive them apart, Miss Cooper again comes to the rescue.

Peter Gill Swinging Summer Jazz Evening - 17 June

(Tickets £14)


A swinging summer evening with Peter Gill and his band. Sensational boogie woogie, ratpack classics and summer favourites.

Anita & Jess Conrad - 18 June

(Tickets £15)


With careers spanning over 50 years, this promises to be a wonderful cocktail of anecdotes, song, glitz, chat and humour. Anita's career started at 15 years old when she was whisked away to Las Vegas to appear in a top revue. Returning to the UK she went on to work with The Cliff Adams Singers, appear in two Carry On films, grace the top of the pop charts, become a pantomime legend, star in Cats in the West End and feature in 7 Royal Command Performances. Jess Conrad, renowned cabaret performer, is one of the UK's most enduring and endearing stars of stage, film and television.

Side by Side by Sondheim - 19 June

(Tickets £12, 10+ group £10)