Forthcoming shows

She Stoops to Conquer - 12 April to 19 April

(no Sunday performance)

by Oliver Goldsmith

Directed by Maggie Campbell - A TOADS' season play


Mr Hardcastle and Sir Charles Marlow have arranged a match between Miss Kate Hardcastle and young Marlow. The fun arises when Marlow is directed to the Hardcastles’ house rather than a neighbouring inn, and mistakes Hardcastle for the landlord and Kate for one of the servants.

Seasons of Love - 26 April

Musical direction by Bob Carter


TOPS Musical Productions, Torquay's premier stage musical society, proudly presents an evening of song, dance and comedy set amongst the seasons of the year.

Double Cut - 10 May to 17 May

(no Sunday performance)

by Alfred Shaughnessy

Directed by Stephanie Austin - A TOADS' season play


Diamond heiress Olivia Prescott’s villa is disturbed by an enigmatic stranger claiming to be her supposedly dead brother. He seems to know every trivial detail of their past family life, his papers verify his identity, and we begin to question whether Olivia herself is concealing something. We learn that £10 million worth of diamonds are missing. Is this what the stranger is after? The complications are finally unravelled in a revealing denouement to this taut and well-written thriller.

The Importance of being Earnest - 7 June to 14 June

(no Sunday performance)

by Oscar Wilde

Directed by Nigel Howells - A TOADS' season play


Jack Worthing is “Ernest” in town. He wins Gwendolyn’s hand, but Gwendolyn declares that she chiefly loves him for his name - Ernest - the name Jack has allotted his non-existent brother whose peccadilloes explain his frequent absences from his country home where lives his pretty ward, Cecily. Meanwhile, Cecily has decided to marry rake-hell “Ernest” and when Algernon presents himself in this guise, she immediately accepts his smitten proposal. However, through some highly improbable coincidences, all is happily resolved.